Stephan Abry photos

SA_10284 SA_10268 SA_10267 SA_10036 SA_10562


To shoot the products, I chose to hire Stephan Abry.  Again, I feel that he matches Mac’s dark aesthetic really well and his product shots with dark backgrounds are really nice and, while dark, don’t over power the products.  I think that his substance shots really make the color of the makeup pop and his photos of products on white backgrounds are really interesting and eye catching, while still being edgy.


Cedric Buchet photos

AP036472 AP058824 AP024672 AP054410Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 9.50.18 AM

For the beauty shots, I chose to hire Cedric Buchet.  Mac Cosmetics has a bit of an edgier esthetics and when looking at Buchet’s photos, I found that he matched Mac’s style really well.  I especially like the second photo of Charlotte Free. I think that the way he highlights her face while keeping really dark shadows would work really well with beauty shots for Mac.